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Are you making decisions based on gut feel? Do you know which of your posts are performing best and why? When done right, social media can be a powerful channel for driving brand awareness, engagement and sales. But it’s a challenge to stay on top of all the data that’s coming in and even more so if you’re trying to keep up with your competitors. With AnalyserPRO you can quickly pinpoint your weak areas as well as effectively implementing a social strategy based on what’s working for you and your competitors.

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Inbound Cycle Analytics

Inbound Cycle Analytics analyses each comment, each interaction and each conversation to provide you with easy to understand metrics on how your content is being perceived.

We analyse:

  • Posts with the potential to increase sharing and reach.
  • Posts that are generating the most conversations about advantages or comparison of features.
  • Posts using transactional terms with positive connotations which increase conversion​
Social ROI

Analyser PRO gives you an economic value of each post across both Facebook and Instagram allowing you to monitor the value your own and your competitors’ posts.

  • Show the value of Social Media management with objective data.
  • Assign a value to the contribution of each individual post.
  • Prepare budgets quickly knowing which format of posts is more efficient.
Social Media Benchmarking

Keeping track of your competitors is vital to success. Analyser PRO gives you the ability to monitor and analyse your performance against your competitors

  • Unlocking tips and hints.
  • Competitor SWOT analysis
  • Real time Data

More Features

There is much more to Analyser PRO than the above features.

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Start Measuring Social Media Benchmarking with Analyser PRO

Watch your business grow to its maximum potential with the qualitive analysis of Analyser PRO. Experience a personalised process and approach applied to statistics mined by Artificial Intelligence that will help you in determining the growth prospects of your brand on both Facebook and Instagram. Connect with your customers.

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